You can hold your event at Femmasteren.

Call or write us an email about your wishes – we look forward to hearing from you


Rent Femmasteren

You can rent the entire Femmasteren, which includes all rooms. You can e.g. book from Friday at 15:00 to Sunday at 11.00, or just a day. You have 25 rooms available. 9 hotel rooms and the rest hostel rooms. The hotel rooms will be excl. breakfast. You may use our hostel kitchen and should there be a need for more service, we will be happy to make it available. We can also arrange dinner, lunch and / or breakfast.

Let us hold your event

You can also ask us to hold your event. Minimum 18 people and conditional on all guests staying at Femmasteren.

Feel free to contact us with your wishes for the event.

When holding events at Femmasteren, you must be aware that it is not allowed to have a band / musician. There must be calm from kl. 23.00. It is okay to stay with ordinary speech, but other overnight guests at Femmasteren must be taken into account.